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Brookins Construction Trade School

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JOIN A WINNING TEAM We are on the move, becoming more successful every day. Our students are learning life changing skills! Help us help others. 


DONATE (501) (C) (3) CERTIFIED  - SPONSORS AND PARTNERS  WELCOME!  CORPORATE SPONSORS. We at Brookins Construction Trade School are moving forward to change the face of Detroit and Michigan, through training year round stunents, unemployed veterans, returning citizens and displaced workers

Donate to Brookins Construction Trade school We are asking for you to support
us this year at the following sponsorship levels:


             Platinum     $5000 & Up


             Gold                $1000


             Silver               $500

             Pearl                $100


             Advocate          $50


             Student            $25    

             STUDENT ADMISSION APPLICATIONS are still being accepted. Just call us up or leave your information by clicking CONTACT US above and someone will contact you. Join a winning team, where "SUCCESS IS NATURAL"


WE BUILD COMPLETE HOMES At Brookins Construction Trade School we build complete homes CORPORATE SPONSORS are welcomed. We at Brookins Construction Trade School are moving forward to change the face of Detroit and Michigan.which includes roofing, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, decks, garages, etc. Our students complete on the job training while you receive discounted prices for all work that is contracted for student training purposes. This is a win win situation that you simply must take advantage of, so call us today.




MUCH THANKS to Hartford Memorial Baptist Church,

Welcome to Brookins Construction Trade School

STANDARDS OF APPRENTICESHIP - Brookins Construction Trade School is registered as part of the National Apprenticeship Program in accordiance with the basic Standards of Apprenticeship established by the Secretary of Labor and approved by:

                          US DEPARTMENT OF LABOR

                          OFFICE OF APPRENTICESHIP

                     211 WEST FORT STREET, SUITE 1319

                           DETROIT, MICHIGAN 48226

Courses and Seminars

Brookins Construction Trade School teaches Building Maintenance included with all classes; residential, electrical, plumbing, heating & cooling, welding, steel cutting, estimating, torch down rubber roofing etc.  BCTS is qualified in Commercial, Residential & Industrial approved by the U.S. Department of Labor as a Union Contractor with Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters as a Signatory Contractor. Students will learn construction trade skills.  The course will run for thirteen (13) weeks 520 hours and students will be placed in employment.

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Read what our alumni have to say about their experiences at Brookins Construction Trade School.


1. Brookins Construction Trade School changed my life.

2. I was greatful for the second chance I received from Brookins Trade School.

3. I went on to become a licensed union builder.

About Us

 We are affiliated with Michigan Works. Individuals who are interested in Brookins Construction Trade  School who live in Detroit may sign up at the Northwest Activity Center located at 18100 Meyers Rd. Monday through Friday. Ask for Ms. Shumake.